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Judge rules Michigan election recount must start on Monday

A federal judge ruled late Sunday night that Michigan must start its presidential recount at noon Monday.

In Michigan, Donald Trump received 10,704 more votes than Hillary Clinton, and Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein, citing reports that computer science experts noticed irregularities in the state's election results, has raised millions of dollars to fund a recount. Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette and the Trump campaign filed suits last week, asking state courts to put a stop to the hand-counting of 4.8 million ballots. They argued that Stein, who received about 1 percent of the vote, is not "aggrieved," because it's impossible for her to win the recount. Judge Mark Goldsmith ruled Stein did show "the likelihood of irreparable harm" if the count was delayed, and rejected arguments by the state about the cost to taxpayers. The deadline to complete the count is Dec. 13.