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Megyn Kelly says Hillary Clinton was too 'scared' to come on her Fox News show

On Monday night's Kelly File, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly took to task the critics who feign horror at President-elect Donald Trump's choosiness when it comes to media access. Trump famously blacklisted certain news organizations during his campaign, and he has yet to hold a formal news conference since winning the presidency nearly two months ago.

When a panelist mentioned Trump's "blacklist against reporters," Kelly was quick to cut in that "Barack Obama had a blacklist against reporters who happened to work at this news channel," referring to Fox News. She then explained that she asked Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, "50 ways from Sunday" to appear on her show, but Clinton steadfastly declined.

Why does Kelly think she never snagged the interview? "The reason, I think, was [Clinton] was scared," Kelly said, "but also, her team didn't want to 'legitimize' Fox News. And yet people who didn't call her out at all are now shocked and horrified that Donald Trump might not sit with certain news reporters or organizations." Watch the full discussion below. Kimberly Alters