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'if it works i'm for it'

Obama vows to 'publicly support' repealing the ACA if Republicans present a better plan first

President Obama said Friday he has no problem with Republicans repealing his signature health care law — as long as they come up with a viable replacement plan first. "To every Republican: If you can put a plan together that is demonstrably better than what ObamaCare is doing, I will publicly support [it]," Obama said during a live interview with Vox.

Obama made it clear his qualms are only over the GOP's "repeal first, replace later" strategy, which he called a "huge disservice to the American people. "If it works, I'm for it," Obama said, noting that many Democrats would be as well. He made it clear, however, that the new plan would need to cover all Americans, ensure people with preexisting conditions can still get coverage, and make sure prescription drugs are affordable. The bottom line, Obama said, is that health care doesn't come without a cost. "You're going to have to pay for it one way or another: either the government [or individuals] pay more," he said.

His biggest piece of advice for his successor President-elect Donald Trump? Show the American people, don't just tell them. "Make your team ... come up with things they can show will make this work better for people," Obama said.

Catch the full interview below. Becca Stanek