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Transportation nominee Elaine Chao argues private spending should help fund Trump's infrastructure plans

Transportation secretary nominee Elaine Chao argued Wednesday during her Senate confirmation hearing that the government lacks the resources necessary to adequately address the country's infrastructure needs. Instead, Chao, who previously served as labor secretary under former President George W. Bush, advocated to "unleash the potential" of private investors to accomplish President-elect Donald Trump's extensive plans for revamping American infrastructure.

Chao did not offer any specific estimates on spending, only saying that it is "important to recognize that the way we build and deliver projects is as important as how much we invest." Trump's advisers have estimated his infrastructure plan will cost $1 trillion.

Chao also declined to offer specifics on whether she would support the privatization of the Federal Aviation Administration, an issue of contention for the House and Senate, and she did not say if she would enforce the 2018 deadline for railroads to install anti-collision technology. Chao said she has not yet been briefed on either issue.

ABC News reported Chao is "expected to be easily confirmed by the Senate."