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Most people on Earth still don't use the internet

Over half the population of the world still does not use the internet, a report by the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union has found. Fifty-three percent of the global population is "offline," with four-fifths of that population living in Asia-Pacific and Africa:

"The reasons for being offline or for limited internet use are manifold: Many do not have access because they live in remote or difficult to reach areas and do not have access to digital or other basic infrastructure such as electricity or transport," the authors found. "Some do not see the benefits of being connected, often because of limited awareness, cultural impediments, or limited relevant digital content. Still others are illiterate, and many are too poor to afford even the most basic of internet packages and devices. Existing inequalities in terms of income and education, particularly prominent among women, and other factors exacerbate the problem."

The ITU aims to have 60 percent of the world "online" by 2020. Read the full report here.