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Biden to launch a nonprofit organization to ensure everyone gets 'a fair shot' at the American Dream

Former Vice President Joe Biden may have ended his chapter in politics, but he's not done fighting for the causes he believes in. On Wednesday, Biden and his wife Jill Biden will launch a nonprofit organization to continue the work Biden did in his decades in government.

The Biden Foundation will focus on cancer research, military families, education, and the prevention of sexual assault. "We look forward to this new chapter where we will continue our work to ensure that everyone — no matter their income level, race, gender, age, or sexuality — is treated with dignity and gets a fair shot at achieving the American Dream," the Bidens said in a statement.

The foundation is incorporated in Biden's home state of Delaware, but it will be headquartered in Washington, D.C. Former Biden Senate staffer and Facebook official Louisa Terrell will run the foundation.