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Donald Trump made a killing on his own campaign

From the launch of his presidential bid in June 2015 through the end of 2016, President Trump's campaign paid President Trump's businesses a grand total of $12.8 million. Per Politico's analysis of Federal Election Commission data, Trump's campaign paid Trump's businesses "for everything from office suites and hotel stays to payroll, security, and office supplies."

Even Trump Ice made a buck off the campaign, reportedly raking in $3,400 for the office supplies and beverages it provided. Other beneficiaries included Trump's "Winter White House," also known as Palm Beach resort Mar-a-Lago, as well as Trump Restaurants, Trump Grill, and Trump Cafe.

This "integrated business and political operation" is "without precedent in modern American presidential politics," Politico writes:

Before Trump, super-rich candidates had mostly shied away from relying heavily on their own companies for campaign services, either because their businesses were structured in a manner that wouldn't allow them to do so, or because they were leery of pocket-padding charges that inevitably arise from using their campaigns to pay their businesses or families. Additionally, rich candidates have mostly sought to avoid calling attention to their wealth. [Politico]

Politico notes it's not yet entirely clear just how much Trump and his companies "benefited" from his campaign.

For a deeper breakdown of how much money Trump's campaign paid to Trump's businesses, head over to Politico.