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The newest ad for Trump's D.C. hotel edited the EPA building nearby to look like the White House

The two are nowhere near neighbors.

The Washington Post's eagle-eyed Philip Bump pointed out an interesting inconsistency in the new ad for President Trump's hotel in Washington, D.C.:

While that man sitting in the window of the Trump International hotel may appear to be gazing out at the White House right across the street, the White House is actually half a mile away from the hotel and not at all visible out the hotel's windows. On closer inspection, Bump noted that's actually the Environmental Protection Agency building the man is looking at — except the EPA building is not actually white in real life, but tan:

Either Trump Hotel got its geography confused, the EPA building's exterior was brightened up on Photoshop to make the ad more aesthetically pleasing, or the ad is making a not-so-subtle connection between the president's hotel and the president's new home.

To read Bump's full analysis, head over to The Washington Post.