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New York Times reporter marvels at 'misery radiating' from White House staff

For all the "huge deals" President Trump's administration is making, The New York Times' Maggie Haberman noted the staff at the White House isn't looking so happy:

Since Trump was sworn into office just three weeks ago, he has signed a record 10 executive orders and 12 memoranda, sent more than 100 tweets, and confirmed multiple Cabinet nominees. But his administration has also gotten into a battle with the courts over the constitutionality of its immigration ban, had one of its top advisers potentially breach a federal ethics law by promoting Ivanka Trump's brand from the White House press briefing room, and suffered some leaks about rough phone calls with Mexico's president and Australia's prime minister. And Trump, Politico reported Friday, has not been happy about the Saturday Night Live skits, the gossip, or the all the work that goes into leading the free world.

As Trump would say: SAD!