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Trump rally opens with sisters Diamond and Silk: 'He is already making America great again'

President Trump's campaign-style rally in Florida on Saturday opened with a joint appearance from Trump surrogates and sisters Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson.

Standing at the podium together, the sisters addressed issues including immigration and congressional opposition to Trump's agenda in Washington: "Any senator or congressman or woman that has a problem with working with the Trump administration needs to pack up their office and head down to the unemployment office and look for another job," they said, "because we are going to vote you out!"

After a rousing conclusion — "He is already making America great again. He is already making America strong again. He is already making America safe again. And we're going to continue to help him make America great again!" — the sisters made way for the mayor of Melbourne and a representative of local law enforcement.