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At 'Not My Presidents Day' rallies across the U.S., demonstrators protest against Trump

Their signs said it all — "Not My President," "Happy Presidents Day, President Putin," and "Resist."

In Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and more than two dozen other cities on Monday, thousands of people gathered for "Not My Presidents Day" rallies, speaking out against President Trump and his policies. This was the fifth day of protests in Manhattan, with demonstrators standing outside of the Trump International Hotel singing "We Shall Overcome" and chanting "No Ban, No Wall."

One New York protester, Sayief Leshaw, 22, told NBC News he was "really concerned for where our country is headed. We've sold out to corporate interests, and Donald Trump's policies are downright offensive." In Washington, D.C., 24-year-old Morgan Mullins said there have been anti-Trump protests every weekend over the last month, and promised they will "keep doing this is as long as we have to."