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Seth Meyers: Even the Swedish Chef doesn't understand what Trump is talking about

Seth Meyers.

While watching President Trump's "wild and unhinged" public appearances over the last few days, Seth Meyers had an epiphany: All Trump wants is a friend.

That's why when he called on reporters last week, Trump asked who was going to lob him a friendly question, and why he invited supporters in Florida to a rally on Saturday and pulled onto the stage some random guy that he said he saw earlier on television praising him. "Buddy, if you'd just been a little quicker you could have been our new national security adviser," Meyers quipped on Monday's Late Night.

In addition to determining that Trump is severely lacking in the friendship department, Meyers was also able to explain why the president claimed at his rally that on Friday night, something terrible happened in Sweden. "Who would believe this?" Meyers asked, parroting Trump. "The answer is no one, because as fact checkers pointed out, no incident occurred in Sweden on Friday night." Trump was referring to a segment he saw on Fox News the night before about refugees, Meyers said, which featured Swedish police officers who later said their responses were edited and they did not stand behind the report. Swedish people have been having a grand time mocking Trump over this imaginary incident, Meyers added, which just goes to show, "that's how bad things have gotten under Trump — we're getting roasted by Swedes now. The Swedish Chef is like, 'Dude, even I don't understand a word you're saying.'" Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia