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White House dismisses concerns about Kellyanne Conway flagged by the Office of Government Ethics

The White House has dismissed concerns raised by the States Office of Government Ethics last month over counselor Kellyanne Conway using her official position to promote Ivanka Trump's products. "We concluded that Ms. Conway acted inadvertently and is highly unlikely to do so again," wrote Stefan C. Passantino, a deputy counsel to the president, in a letter Tuesday.

In early February, Conway said on Fox & Friends: "Go buy Ivanka's stuff. … I'm going to give a free commercial here. Go buy it today everybody, you can find it online." The comment came after several department stores had ceased carrying the first daughter's clothing line and alarmed the OGE director, Walter Shaub, who wrote in his note to Passantino: "I recommend the White House investigate Ms. Conway's actions and consider taking disciplinary action against her."

"It is noted that Ms. Conway made the statement in question in a light, off-hand manner while attempting to stand up for a person she believed had been unfairly treated and did so without nefarious motive or intent to benefit personally," Passantino said in his response. "Ms. Conway has acknowledged her understanding of the standards and has reiterated her commitment to abiding by them in the future."

"We look forward to continuing to work with you and the Office of Government Ethics to ensure compliance with the highest ethical standards throughout government," concluded Passantino's letter.