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SNL takes on men who use feminism as a pick-up line

Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong just wants a nice girls' night out, but she can't seem to escape a string of creepy guys who decided faux-feminism is their new pick-up line.

Each interaction starts out promisingly enough. "I'm sorry, I'm not like a gross guy trying to hit on you or anything," begins the bro played by Beck Bennett. "I just can't find a seat." When Strong invites him to sit, he commiserates that the whole "place is filled with skeezy guys" who remind him of President Trump.

After the pair connect over matching "The future is female" shirts, Bennett asks her out. When she says no — well, suffice it to say his reaction goes a little beyond disappointment. Watch the clip below, but be warned that it contains some strong language. Bonnie Kristian