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Carnival cruise ship comes dangerously close to running over jet skiers

As alarmed passengers watched, a Carnival cruise ship nearly mowed down two people on a jet ski Saturday in Port Canaveral, Florida.

The Canaveral Pilots Association says that the Carnival Magic's Capt. Doug Brown noticed the ship was looming over the jet ski, and notified Brevard County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit Deputy Taner Primmer, on patrol in the harbor. As Primmer responded, one of the two people on the jet ski fell into the water, and when they tried to climb back on, the watercraft flipped over. Now both jet skiers were in the water, and the Magic was coming closer and closer.

As Brown steered the ship away, Primmer was able to pull both of the jet skiers into his boat, and despite the close call, no one was hurt. Watch the video shot by a worried Magic passenger below. Catherine Garcia