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Late Night Tackles TrumpCare

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah explains to Paul Ryan why he can't blame Trump for TrumpCare

On Wednesday night's Daily Show, Trevor Noah caught House Speaker Paul Ryan trying to share responsibility for writing the House GOP's health-care bill with President Trump — a move Noah found risible if understandable, given that Trump will likely blame Ryan for the legislation if it fails, as seems likely at this point. "We all see what you're trying to do, Speaker Ryan," Noah said. "You know your ObamaCare replacement bill is crap, and now you're trying to throw Trump under the bus — but you don't realize that's not how it works with Trump, because Trump is the bus." After illustrating how Bus Trump has rolled over everyone in his path — Rachel Maddow, Billy Bush — Noah brought it home: "So Paul Ryan, I hope you've got good health care, because that bus is coming." Watch below. Peter Weber