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Conservative group FreedomWorks urges Republicans to vote 'no' on health-care bill

Just a day ahead of the House's scheduled vote on the GOP health-care bill, conservative advocacy group FreedomWorks announced its opposition to Republicans' ObamaCare replacement plan. In a letter, FreedomWorks urged Republican lawmakers to vote 'no' on the American Health Care Act, arguing it "does not go far enough to permanently dismantle the ObamaCare framework."

"There are parts of the American Health Care Act that bring about positive reforms, including the expansion of health savings accounts (HSAs), the repeal of most of ObamaCare's taxes, and Medicaid reforms," the letter said. "Unfortunately, even with recently submitted changes, the American Health Care Act has too many ObamaCare-like flaws." The letter warned Republicans that Americans will judge the bill based solely on whether health-insurance premiums decline; if premiums don't go down because the AHCA "leaves in place parts of ObamaCare that have caused premiums to rise, Republicans will pay a price."

FreedomWorks is just the latest conservative group to come out against the GOP health-care bill. Earlier this week, both Heritage Action and Club for Growth warned Republican lawmakers the AHCA does not go far enough to undo ObamaCare.

At least 25 members of the House Freedom Caucus plan to oppose the bill, raising the question of whether the Republican Party can eke out enough votes to get the bill passed.