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Fox News' Julie Roginsky alleges Roger Ailes refused to promote her because she turned down his sexual advances

Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News, former network chief Roger Ailes, and current co-president Bill Shine, New York's Gabriel Sherman reports. Ailes resigned from Fox News in July 2016 after multiple women came forward with sexual harassment allegations.

In her lawsuit, Roginsky, 43, alleges Fox News and Ailes "discriminated against [her] on the basis of gender by making her deserved promotion to a regular spot hosting The Five contingent upon having a sexual relationship with Ailes," Business Insider reports. Ailes would also allegedly insist Roginsky kiss him "hello" when sitting in a low armchair "'in such a way as to look down Roginsky's dress."

NPR's David Folkenflik writes that the lawsuit claims "Ailes pointedly advised Roginsky, a single mother 30 years his junior, to date older, conservative married men" and "repeatedly praised her looks and sought to get her to join him for drinks, even in his office, away from prying eyes that could get them 'into so much trouble.'" NPR also reports Shine is accused of retaliating against Roginsky for "refusing to attack Ailes' accuser, Gretchen Carlson," and that he did not investigate Roginsky's complaints about Ailes.

Ailes has denied all allegations of sexual harassment. Over the weekend, The New York Times reported separately that Fox News and Bill O'Reilly paid around $13 million to settle sexual harassment and verbal abuse accusations made by five women since 2002.