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Seth Meyers closely examines Flynn's request for immunity — and the bags under Trump's eyes

On Monday's Late Night, Seth Meyers made it clear that as of right now, there's no "conclusive evidence connecting the dots that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to help them win the election." But there are so many dots — with one being former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn — that we're all covered with spots. "The Trump presidency is basically a 6-year-old with chicken pox," Meyers said, "and the rest of us are so f—ing itchy."

A lot has happened since Flynn asked the FBI and House and Senate intelligence committees for immunity last week in exchange for an interview. He hasn't explained why he needs immunity, and the fact that there are mounting questions about any ties between Trump and Russia has the president "clearly bothered," Meyers said. That's why he's lashing out and tweeting about Hillary Clinton for roughly the 938,458th time and bringing back an old insult, calling Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd "Sleepy Eyes." An incredulous Meyers could not handle the hypocrisy. "You're calling Chuck Todd 'Sleepy Eyes?'" he asked. "If the bags under your eyes were any bigger you'd have to check them at the gate. They should inflate when you're in a car accident. You always look like you drank a bottle of NyQuil in the sauna."

Meyers had more empathy for White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who struggled to come up with a response recently when asked if Trump will release his 2016 tax returns. Spicer's answer wasn't a very good one — he said he had no information because it wasn't Tax Day yet and he was more concerned about getting his own taxes done — but it was enough for Meyers to feel "almost bad" for him. "You know that moment your girlfriend sees a text on your phone and says, 'Who's Lisa?'" Meyers asked. "That moment is his whole life." Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia