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Is Fox News' parent company intentionally overpaying New York's Democratic governor in book royalties?

Fox News' parent company, News Corporation, might be intentionally overpaying New York's Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, for royalties made off his memoir, All Things Possible, International Business Times reports. Cuomo has apparently made $783,000 off of the book since it was published, although it has only sold 3,200 copies, The Buffalo News reports. "That works out to royalty payments to Cuomo of $245 per book," Buffalo News adds, despite the book having a list price of $29.99 and selling for just $13.05 on Amazon.

By comparison, Cuomo reported no income from the book in 2015. Cuomo's spokesman did not tell Buffalo News how many copies of the book had been sold, but he did say that in 2015 "payment was contractual and per the agreement with the publisher." A spokesperson for HarperCollins, the memoir's publisher, said the company does not comment on financial matters related to book sales.

Cuomo recorded that $218,100 of his income in 2016 came from sales of his memoir. "That payment occurred even as News Corp. was lobbying the New York State executive branch, which Cuomo oversees," IBT points out.

News Corp. has seemingly lobbied Cuomo in the past, putting money toward supporting bills that would benefit the media corporation. The company was registered as a lobbying client with New York State as recently as December of last year, IBT adds. Read the entire report here.