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Born to Run

This 101-year-old woman just won a sprinting medal

A 101-year-old woman won the 100-meter dash in New Zealand's World Masters Games — although admittedly, there was no one else in the 100+ age category competing against her.

Man Kaur, of India, completed the race in one minute and 14 seconds, The New Zealand Herald reports. While elite sprinters can finish the distance in a dozen seconds or less, at least one onlooker couldn't believe her eyes. "It was something special," said Clasina van der Veeken, 85, who won a silver medal in her own age category. "I was very pleased she was so healthy and still can do it."

Kaur began training in track and field with her son at the age of 94, so you will never have an excuse not to get started. "She is very happy being here," her translator told the Herald. "She feels like everybody here is her son."

Watch Kaur cross the finish line — admittedly not very quickly, although it is riveting to watch — below. Jeva Lange