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Late Night Tackles Trump's First 100 Days

Seth Meyers, examining Trump's tax plans and serial flip-flops, discovers a new law of physics

Coming up on 100 days in office and "desperate for positive accomplishments to celebrate," President Trump is bragging about signing 30 executive orders, Seth Meyers said on Wednesday's Late Night, unimpressed. This "is ridiculous," he said. "Claiming you've been a good president just because you signed a lot of executive orders makes no sense. But don't just take it from me." After a series of clips of Trump pooh-poohing former President Barack Obama's relatively restrained use of executive orders, and his golfing, Meyers shook his head: "It is, at this point, like a law of physics: For every Trump action there's an equal and opposite Trump clip." He gave New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie the same treatment, only sadder.

Meyers breezed through Trump's sharp reversals on NATO and funding for his Mexico border wall, plus Ivanka Trump's trip to Berlin, then turned to Trump's new tax plan: "So the president has very little to show for his first 100 days, which may be why Trump, who sold himself as a champion of the forgotten man, is setting his sights on a new goal: a giant tax cut for corporations." He ran through a short, familiar list of people who would benefit from such a tax cut, then noted that the actual details of the plan are still pretty vague. When Trump tried to explain his plan, as he did to The Associated Press, it was largely "unintelligible." "Trump's answers are literally just Mad Libs now," Meyers said, and he came up with one for Trump's tax proposal. Watch below. Peter Weber