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By the numbers

Trump was elected 176 days ago. He's spent 68 of them talking about the election.

It is no secret that President Trump is completely obsessed with having won the presidential election, but just how obsessed he is has not been quantified — until now. President Trump has apparently mentioned winning the election on more than a third of the days since the election itself, The Washington Post reports:

On 68 of the 176 days since Nov. 8, 2016, Trump has mentioned his campaign win in some way. That's 38.6 percent of the days. The longest stretch he went without mentioning them was in mid-March. With the 100-day mark of his presidency arriving at the end of April, he mentioned the election results in interviews and on Twitter for seven straight days — a streak that will extend to eight if he mentions them today. [The Washington Post]

Additionally, Trump has said the number "306," a reference to his Electoral College votes, a dozen times this year alone.