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Sean Spicer thinks it's 'somewhat sad' people are still talking about the election. President Trump has mentioned it every day for the last week.

Less than a week after President Trump passed out maps of his Electoral College win to reporters in the Oval Office, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said it's "somewhat sad" that people are still talking about the presidential election. "I think it's somewhat sad that we're still debating why the president won in the fashion that he did," Spicer said at Wednesday's White House press briefing, just a day after Trump tweeted that perhaps Democrats lost the election not because of the "Trump/Russia story" but because he "ran a great campaign."

Trump also mentioned the election the day before that — and the five days before that.

Spicer ostensibly meant the remark as a jab at the media and at Hillary Clinton, who discussed her loss in an interview with CNN on Tuesday. What he failed to take into consideration is the fact that Trump has spent 68 of the 176 days since he won the presidential election talking about the fact that he won the presidential election.

Watch Spicer call those folks still talking about the election "sad" below. Becca Stanek