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May the fourth be with you

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mark Hamill makes up for missing Adam Scott's 2nd birthday party

On Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest host Kristen Bell reminded her guest, actor-director Adam Scott, of a story he once told on the show about writing a letter to Mark Hamill back when Return of the Jedi was about to hit the big screen, inviting him to his second birthday party. He expected Luke Skywalker to show up, but when he didn't it was disappointing but not Earth-shattering, Scott told Bell. It's a sweet story, but now that Scott's famous, Bell had a Star Wars Day surprise for him. "I'm sorry I missed your birthday," Hamill told Scott, hugging him and handing him a light saber. "This really is one of the, one of the best moments of my life," Scott said, looking like he meant it — even if it was 42 years coming. Peter Weber