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A reporter asked Tom Price about the GOP's health-care bill. Then he reportedly got arrested.

During a speech by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on Tuesday, a reporter was apparently arrested for trying to ask a question about the Republican health-care bill, Mediaite reports.

Eric Tegethoff claimed that his colleague, Dan Heyman of Public News Service West Virginia, "was arrested today for trying to ask Tom Price questions about the Republican health-care bill. Price is an architect and booster of [the American Health Care Act], so it seems fair for a reporter to get answers on questions Americans are most concerned about."

Tegethoff tweeted a video of the alleged arrest, credited as being shot by Valerie Woody of the West Virginia Citizens Action Group:

It isn't clear why Heyman might have been arrested, and neither the WVCAG or Tegethoff have yet responded to queries from Mediaite.

Price was in the state to deliver a speech about the opioid crisis.

Update 12:45 p.m.: The Associated Press has published a fuller report in which local police claim Heyman was "aggressively" trying to get past Secret Service agents and "causing a disturbance by yelling questions at [Kellyanne] Conway and Secretary Price." Read more here.