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Late Night Tackles Trump

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump's ever-changing Comey story

Seth Meyers.

The last 48 hours "have been a disaster for the White House," Seth Meyers said on Thursday's Late Night, with such standout moments as Sean Spicer's late-night rendezvous with some bushes and President Trump's contradiction-filled interview with NBC's Lester Holt.

Ever since Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, "the White House has been engulfed in chaos," Meyers said. In a truly bizarre moment on Tuesday night, Spicer was seen trying to avoid cameras by lurking in some bushes on the White House grounds, The Washington Post reported. Someone in the Trump administration must have complained to the Post about this, because they issued a correction saying he was actually "huddled among bushes," not "in the bushes." "When the White House is clarifying the press secretary's position in relation to bushes, it's important to remember America is both among and in deep s—t," Meyers said.

Then there's Trump. After making such a "momentous and controversial decision," Meyers said, you'd think the president would want to explain to the public what was going on, but that didn't happen until two days later, when his interview with Holt aired. The White House originally maintained that Comey's firing had nothing to do with the FBI's investigation into Russia, and Trump made his decision on the recommendation of Rod Rosenstein, deputy attorney general, and that was their story until Thursday, when Trump contradicted "every argument his team had made on his behalf, saying the whole thing was his idea," Meyers said. "He just admitted everything the White House has been saying since Tuesday is a lie. Trump's ego is so huge he can't even let somebody else have the spotlight in his alibi."

Trump also mentioned to Holt that, even though he claimed to have asked Comey if he was under investigation and was told no, he knew this already because he didn't submit any paperwork to anyone, a sure sign that an investigation is underway. "I guess there's one upside to being sued as much as Trump has; he's an expert on being investigated," Meyers said, before going into a Trump impression: "Believe me, I know when I'm being investigated. In fact, 'How to Know You're Under Investigation' was one of the most popular classes at Trump University." Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia