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Trump's ghostwriter predicts Trump will 'figure out a way to resign'

President Trump will attempt to control his departure from the Oval Office, The Art of the Deal ghostwriter Tony Schwartz predicted in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, even if it means resigning to avoid impeachment. Trump's overwhelming concern, Schwartz said, is to go out on top.

"Right now, he is in pure terror that he is going to lose. By the way, he is going to lose. I surely believe that at some point over next period of time, he is going to have to figure out a way to resign," Schwartz argued. "The reason he is going to do that as opposed to go through what could be an impeachment process or a continuing humiliation is that he wants to figure out a way, as he has done all his career, to turn a loss into a victory. So he will declare victory when he leaves."

If Schwartz is correct, Trump certainly has the narrative groundwork in place to execute such an exit: His bold plan to "drain the swamp" was so successful, so huge, so great that the Washington establishment launched a totally unfair witch-hunt, and thus, having accomplished his goals, Trump will now return to his private life (which is better than yours anyway).