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Trump interrupts mistake-free meeting with Netanyahu to declare he never mentioned 'the name Israel' to the Russians

President Trump on Monday landed in Israel and met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has referred to Trump as a "true friend" of Israel.

Trump's friendship with the Jewish state is apparently so grounded, so pure, that he would never take its name in vain — or, say, mention it to Russian officials while disclosing classified intelligence that Israel had gathered. He interrupted his otherwise successful photo opportunity with Netanyahu to say so:

Trump had never been accused of revealing Israel by name as the source of the sensitive information; in fact, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster took to the White House lectern last week to defend Trump's disclosure by saying the president "wasn't even aware of where that information came from." Israeli officials had also declined to confirm that Israel had gathered the information Trump discussed with the Russians.

Rather, Trump was under fire for sharing the intelligence information in the first place — which, even if he did blab, he definitely didn't say the information was from Israel, who knows where it came from, and he decided to defend himself against that claim while standing next to the country's prime minister for some random and unrelated reason.