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Watch this surprisingly poignant fake documentary short about Trump's spray-tanner

President Trump's unusual skin tone has led to some unkind nicknames, like "Angry Creamsicle" and "Golf Cart Cheeto." But Funny or Die didn't go in for any of those cheap laughs in its new short, The President's Sun, released Wednesday by site co-founder Adam McKay. The mock documentary introduces the world to Khoren Dartanian (Ken Davitian, Borat, The Artist), an Armenian emigrant and the only man allowed to spray-tan Trump. "I met the president back in 1987," Dartanian says. "He told me, 'Khoren, I want a tan that makes other tans feel weak. My tan wins, and their tan loses.'"

The president's colorist returns to the theme of Trump's spray-tan as the source of his power later on in the video, and he ends with a surprisingly touching soliloquy on Trump's apparent use of artificial melanin. "I'm guessing there really is one person and one person only who spray-tans the president," McKay explained to Vanity Fair. "It's a very private act. I started wondering who that person is." You can watch his imaginative, briefly NSFW (language) exposition below. Peter Weber