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Anti-Trump 'March for Truth' and pro-Trump 'Pittsburgh not Paris' rallies assemble

"March for Truth" rallies were organized in about 130 cities on Saturday in support of additional independent investigation into alleged ties between Moscow and President Trump or his associates. Thousands of protesters turned out in New York, Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and elsewhere, including several cities in Europe, carrying signs with slogans like, "Alternative Facts Are Lies," "Facts Matter," and "Save Our Country."

"[T]here are crucial unanswered questions about the relationship between the Russian state and Donald Trump, his associates, and his campaign," says the organizers' website. "The legitimacy of the United States government hinges on the answers to these questions." Marchers are not satisfied by the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Meanwhile, in Washington, a smaller group estimated between several dozen and several hundred Trump supporters gathered for a "Pittsburgh not Paris" event to applaud the president's Thursday decision to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Agreement climate pact.

The name of their rally references Trump's comment that he was "elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris," which Press Secretary Sean Spicer rendered on Twitter as, "I was elected by voters of Pittsburgh, not Paris." Critics quickly noted the voters of Pittsburgh supported Trump's rival, Hillary Clinton, by a large margin.

The Trump campaign promoted the Washington rally, but Trump himself has left the city to play golf.