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LeBron James and Kevin Durant wrote a secret hip-hop track together

The Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James and Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant might be sworn enemies in the NBA Finals, but off the court the pair ... write hip-hop? That's the story, anyway, from people who have heard a secret six-year-old track the basketball superstars wrote together in Akron, Ohio, back when James was with the Miami Heat and Durant with the Oklahoma City Thunder:

Both players are music junkies, and in between workouts [in 2011] they decided to kill some time by writing their own lyrics and heading to the booth, sources told ESPN.

One person who has heard the song says he recalls Durant rapping the first verse, James hopping on for the second, and then Durant finishing it off.

The song's title and theme are unknown, as are its whereabouts. Durant, who produces beats in his spare time, is believed to have provided the instrumentals. [ESPN]

Another person who had heard the collaboration called it a "quality track" with lyrics that are "surprisingly well-crafted and delivered." The track was reportedly considered for inclusion in the 2012 film Thunderstruck, which stars Durant, but Durant "wanted to keep it private," the film's executive producer, Eric Goodwin, said.