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It's not like a regular wall it's a cool wall

Trump reportedly mulling covering border wall with solar panels

In a meeting with Republican congressional leaders Tuesday, President Trump described his vision for a massive wall along the U.S.-Mexico border — and it's covered with solar panels.

Three people with knowledge of the meeting told Axios that Trump is suggesting that the wall be "40 to 50 feet high," a real "beautiful" structure, with solar panels. The electricity that is generated from the panels would be used to pay for the wall's construction, he said. Trump stressed that this wall would be much better than other walls, which typically are only 14 or 15 feet tall.

The lawmakers were given permission to talk about the solar-paneled wall, but they had to give him credit for the idea, Axios reports, and while Trump was trying to sell this version of the wall, he did not say it was the definite solution.