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Paris Agreement

North Korea calls U.S. 'selfish' for pulling out of Paris Agreement

North Korea is joining the chorus of countries upset with President Trump for choosing to withdraw from the Paris Agreement to combat climate change.

The move, a spokesman for the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, represents "the height of egoism" and proves the U.S. is "seeking only their own well-being, even at the cost of the entire planet. The selfish act of the U.S. does not only have grave consequences for the international efforts to protect the environment, but poses great danger to other areas as well." The spokesman couldn't resist adding another dig at the United States, saying the U.S. is "unreasonable and reckless" with its approach to North Korea's nuclear program.

North Korea, like nearly every other country on Earth, is a signatory on the agreement. CNN reports that the country is pushing renewable technologies and has made a "declaration of war" against deforestation.