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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Cartoon Donald Trump shows Stephen Colbert why he can't stop tweeting

Stephen Colbert remembered D-Day on Tuesday's Late Show, including the role his Uncle Eddie played in the World War II Normandy invasion, then he turned to President Trump's travel ban making its way to the Supreme Court. Lower courts have blocked the ban, he said, "but the administration still has a shot to win this one, if they can just convince the court that the order is not an unconstitutional travel ban. And they have been very, very disciplined with this message," with one notable exception. Trump's "TRAVEL BAN" tweets "threw the White House into complete disarray, which was a refreshing break from the usual spiteful chaos," Colbert said.

He feigned whiplash watching Trump's White House aides debating if the president's tweets are official White House policy, then laughingly urged Trump to stop tweeting, please. "Here's the thing," he said. "Everybody knows this tweeting is a disaster, so why does he keep doing it, and why so often? His frequency of tweeting has become, even for him, cartoonish." Which was the introduction for Cartoon Donald Trump, who started out practicing pleading the Fifth and ended up explaining whey he leaves tweets with unfinished thoughts ... for hours at a time. Watch below. Peter Weber