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Trump isn't going to like the New York Daily News' Friday cover

The New York Daily News isn't mincing words with its Friday morning cover.

"LIAR" the paper screams over a photo of President Trump. Referring to former FBI Director James Comey's testimony Thursday in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Daily News chose some of Comey's most "explosive accusations" to put on the front page: "Trump lied about Flynn obstruction try," "Trump lied by calling Russia case a hoax," and "Trump lied about why I was fired."

The Daily News posted its cover on Twitter, and the replies were mixed, with some loving it ("front page of the year award!"), some hating it ("this kind of crap is why I, along with hundreds of my colleagues no longer or will ever read this rag of a 'newspaper' again…FAKE NEWS!!!" ) and others forgetting the topic at hand ("must of missed the FP when Barry lied a/b Benghazi, 'You can keep your doctor' HC premiums going down #hacks").