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U.K. election: Hung parliament guaranteed as no party can win a majority

With 636 of 650 seats called, there is no way British Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives or any other party will win enough seats for a majority, causing a hung parliament.

Almost every seat has been called, and the Conservatives have 310, followed by Labour with 258, both falling short of the 326 seats needed for a majority. Wanting to increase her majority ahead of Brexit talks, May called the early election in April, when her party had a 20 point lead over Labour, but support for Labour surged in recent weeks, and the party picked up several seats in the election. Conservatives aren't taking this stunning shift well, with one member of parliament, Nigel Evans, telling BBC 5 Live, "We didn't shoot ourselves in the foot, we shot ourselves in the head."

While the snap election didn't pan out the way May had hoped, at least she didn't lose her seat to a mysterious cape-wearing man who goes by the name Lord Buckethead. Buckethead — who touted his "strong, not entirely stable, leadership" — received just 249 votes, but it ended up being "a new Buckethead record!" he tweeted. Catherine Garcia