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The big controversy at this point in Obama's presidency was over Dijon mustard

President Trump chronically suffers high disapproval ratings, spending the spring more disliked than any of his recent predecessors were at the same points in their first terms. On Thursday, Bloomberg News' Sahil Kapur offered a little bit more perspective: When former President Barack Obama was at the same point in his first term as President Trump is now, Americans were really angry at him about … mustard.

Here's the scoop — or rather, the dollop. In May 2009, Obama made headlines by eating a hamburger with spicy Dijon mustard, rather than with the "American" condiment of choice, ketchup.


Obama's "elitist" burger preferences stirred some conservative commentators into a fit, with Fox News' Sean Hannity mocking the president for claiming to be a "man of the people" while putting Dijon (the horror!) on his burger.

"I hope you enjoyed that fancy burger, Mr. President," Hannity sneered. Enjoy the blast from the past, below. Jeva Lange