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Late Night Tackles Trump Firing James Comey

Seth Meyers happily referees the Trump camp push to match James Comey's credibility against Trump's

On Monday's Late Night, Seth Meyers looked at the fight by President Trump and his allies to make former FBI Director James Comey out to be less credible than Trump, and he did not judge that a winning campaign. But he started out with Trump's bizarre Cabinet meeting on Monday, where Trump touted his imaginary legislative accomplishments — "That's right, there's never been a president who's done more," Meyers laughed, breaking out his Trump voice: "Even Bill Clinton took six years to get impeached, I might do it in six months, you guys" — and creepy decision to ask his Cabinet members to praise him. "Even Kim Jong Un is like, 'Dude, have some self-respect.'"

Meyers brought everyone back to last week, when Comey testified that Trump asked him in a private Oval Office meeting to drop his investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, telling him "'I hope you can let this go' — which, of course, is usually what world leaders say to Trump when he's shaking their hand," he said. Trump insists Comey is lying and offered to testify under oath, which Meyers said could be dicey, given Trump's past depositions.

So "rather than simply change the subject, Trump and his allies have made this a question of credibility," Meyers said. "They're essentially asking who are you going to believe: James Comey or Donald Trump?" He suggested, with evidence, why you might pick Comey in that matchup. "In fact, you can see Trump's supporters in real time grappling with how to defend his obvious lies, because they can't seem to get on the same page about what Trump said to Comey," Meyers said, playing a clip of Donald Trump Jr. "These guys are like crooks who can't get their alibi straight: 'He couldn't have been at the bank, he was with me — at the bank!'"

Other Republicans have been trying out various versions of the 'Trump is an idiot' defense," Meyers said. "So Republicans can't even agree whether the president is too dumb to know what he's doing, and now the president is accusing his former FBI director of lying under oath, even though his own supporters admit that what Comey said was true. It's crazy, or to put it another way—" and he graciously gave Trump the final word. Watch below. Peter Weber