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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert is embarrassed for Trump's 'fawning' Cabinet, Trump, and Donald Trump Jr.

"There have been a lot of moments in Donald Trump's brief presidency that have raised eyebrows and lowered expectations," Stephen Colbert said on Monday's Late Show, but Trump's first Cabinet meeting was something else. "I cannot get over these fawning Cabinet members," he said. "Come on, these are adults, some of them are billionaires, and they're just happy to have their leashes yanked as the cameras roll for the Dear Leader."

"Honestly, this is next-level weird; this is an unprecedented public stroke-fest for an emotionally frail man," Colbert said. "That is absolutely chilling." Then he poked fun at himself.

Trump is clearly not insecure about former FBI Director James Comey's testimony last week, Colbert said, because he said so himself at a press conference on Friday, plus a little extra. "Spoken like a man with nothing to hide," he joked, breaking into Trump voice: "Officer, I did not steal that car, and there would be nothing wrong if I did because stealing's not illegal, right?"

Trump took his Comey attacks to Twitter starting Friday — "Yes, Trump says Comey's a 'coward.' 'You want to attack somebody, do it like a man: tweet from the toilet" — and by the end of the weekend, the entire Trump circle was on the Comey-belittlement train. "So, Comey's a liar and a coward, because Trump never said 'I hope you let Flynn go,'" Colbert summarized, noting that it's too bad nobody told that to Donald Trump Jr., who went on Fox News and "completely contradicted everything Donald Trump just said. Usually Donald Trump has to do that."

Colbert next took a short jab at President Trump, wedding-crasher at his own golf resort. "Well, every wedding has a best man, but only a select few get the worst one," he quipped. "Plus, you know what they say about weddings: something old, something new, something orange, someone get him away from the bridesmaids!" He ended by deciphering White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders' odd emoji-filled tweet from the weekend. Peter Weber