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Senate approves new sanctions package on Russia, sending deal to Trump's desk

The Senate on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to approve a new sanctions package on Russia, reaching a bipartisan consensus that prohibits President Trump from lifting the sanctions without congressional approval. The measure passed 97-2.

The sanctions are part of the U.S.'s punishment for a "trio of Russian actions," NBC News explains: "their interference in the 2016 election, engagement in Syria, and invasion of Crimea." The package calls for placing new restrictions on the Russian economy, including broad sanctions on its mining and shipping sectors, in addition to targeting specific individuals who were involved in corruption, human rights abuses, or aiding the Syrian government. "This bipartisan amendment is the sanctions regime that the Kremlin deserves for its actions," Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) said.

The sanctions measure will now land on Trump's desk, where he will either sign or veto the measure. He has not indicated whether he supports new sanctions on Russia.