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The Daily Show has a few thoughts on sexism at Uber, and the idea that women talk too much

"As you may have heard, Uber has not exactly been getting a five-star rating recently," Trevor Noah said on Wednesday's Daily Show. After months of accusations of sexism and racism at the company, CEO Travis Kalanick took a leave of absence on Tuesday and "Uber had a staff meeting to discuss the need to change its culture and to add a second woman to its board of directors," Noah said. "Good ideas. Now at the very moment where you're talking about sexism, what's the one thing a dude should definitely not make a joke about?"

Noah played the audio of since-resigned Uber board member David Bonderman making a bad joke about women talking too much, and interrupting Arianna Huffington to do so. "Whoa, you can tell this guy works for Uber because he does not know when to shut up," he said. "Seriously, how stupid is he? The sexist insult is bad enough, but interrupting a woman who is talking about sexism to make a sexist insult is— that's like Bill Cosby trying to slip quaaludes to the judge at his trial." Noah brought on Michelle Wolf for her reaction, and she said she was glad Bonderman resigned, though maybe not for the reason you think. She also took aim at the larger, statistically incorrect stereotype that women talk more than men. Watch below. Peter Weber