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House Republicans are pretty upset with Trump for trashing the health-care bill he pushed them to pass

President Trump threw himself into prodding the House to pass the American Health Care Act, then rewarded House Republicans with effusive praise at a White House ceremony directly after they pushed through the health-care overhaul with the narrowest of margins. So Trump's widely reported comments to Senate Republicans that the House version of the bill is "mean" and lacking in generosity bruised some feelings. Trump's comments are "having a lingering, and potentially devastating, effect on his credibility among House Republicans," reports Jonathan Swan at Axios. "Members are still talking about Trump's comment, and their frustration that he'd throw them under the bus is likely to damage his ability to negotiate on major items like infrastructure and tax reform."

Democrats are apparently rubbing salt in the wounds, with one Ways and Means Committee member ribbing GOP colleagues that Trump now agrees with the Democrats about their bill. Trump lobbied them an incredible amount, pushing them to gamble with an unpopular vote, one Republican tells Swan, so "for him to turn around and do this, it's stunning. I can't believe it."