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A week after Trump called the House's health-care bill 'mean,' he says the Senate's 'needs more heart'

President Trump reportedly criticized Senate Republicans' version of the American Health Care Act during a meeting Monday with CEOs from the technology sector. A person familiar with Trump's discussions yesterday during a meeting of the American Technology Council told CNBC that Trump said the Senate's version of the Republican health-care bill "needs more heart."

Just last week, Trump reportedly told 15 Republican senators that the version of the bill that passed the House on May 4 was "mean." Trump then apparently instructed the senators to make their version of the AHCA "more generous." Unsurprisingly, Trump's comments didn't go over well with House Republicans, who were incredulous Trump would "throw them under the bus" like that after he pushed for a vote, Axios reported.

Senate Republicans have been negotiating their version of the bill behind closed doors, leaving Democrats angry about the lack of transparency and even some Republicans unsure of what's in the bill. A Senate vote on the plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare is slated for next week.