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Trump is holding a re-election fundraiser next week at Trump International Hotel

President Trump is getting a jump on 2020 next week with his first big re-election fundraiser. The president will host a re-election event on June 28 at his Trump International Hotel, located just a stone's throw from the White House.

Trump campaign director Michael Glassner said the hotel — located on property leased to Trump by the General Services Administration, which Trump now ultimately controls as president — is a "premier and convenient choice" for the event. Though Trump has "distanced himself" from the hotel's finances, The Associated Press noted critics have still raised concerns about the potential conflicts of interest posed by Trump hosting his donors at his hotel and dining there with his advisers.

In a text message to supporters last week, Trump foreshadowed the fundraising event by writing, "Do not worry about a thing. We will fly you to D.C., we will take a picture together, and you will stay at a beautiful hotel. BIG LEAGUE."

June 2017 might seem a bit early for a sitting president to start thinking about the 2020 presidential election, but Trump has been eyeing his next chance to win since he was sworn into office. Trump filed his Federal Election Commission paperwork to run in 2020 on Inauguration Day, which The Associated Press reported marks the "earliest such effort by a sitting president." He'd already raised more than $7 million by the end of March.