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'I came across your music online'

LA radio station apparently has no idea who Annie Lennox is, scouts the 4-time Grammy winner

Four Grammys and eight Brit awards later, former Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox has finally been discovered. The singer on Thursday shared a letter she received recently from a Los Angeles radio station, offering Lennox the chance to have her music heard by the station's "over 100,000 unique listeners each month."

Lennox's first solo album released in 1992 sold more than 2 million copies in the U.S. and was nominated for multiple Grammy awards — and that was released after the Eurythmics sold 75 million albums and made more than 20 international hits. To date, she's sold over 80 million records.

The letter was written to Lennox by Kylie, the station's new music coordinator whose job it is to find artists she thinks "have potential." "I came across your music online and really like what I heard!" Kylie wrote to Lennox.

Kylie then asked Lennox what sort of "support campaign" she has in place, offering to hook her up with an "artist development firm" that could get her on "150 radio stations worldwide and provide support for press, video, retail, and licensing." She reassured Lennox, who has also won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for her music, that as long as she lets the station know that she'd referred her, she "should be in."

"I think I'm in with a chance ??!!!" Lennox quipped on Facebook.

Read the letter in full below. Becca Stanek