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The lead singer of Alabama Shakes is starting a new band called Bermuda Triangle

Singer Brittany Howard's soulful crooning will soon be showcased in a band other than Alabama Shakes. The lead singer and guitarist of the Grammy-winning bluesy rock band recently dropped a "new band alert" on social media, foreshadowing the upcoming debut of her band Bermuda Triangle.

The three-person group will also feature singer-songwriters Jesse Lefser and Becca Mancari, whom NPR noted are "building legends of their own throughout the mid-South." The trio will make its debut on July 12 at Nashville's Basement East with a set that will include previously unreleased music from all three band members.

Howard didn't offer up much more information when pressed by NPR, though she did reveal Bermuda Triangle "specializes in 'sad dance hall music.'" She also claimed the trio met "in a church of Scientology." NPR pointed out she "may have been trying to throw this reporter off the scent."

Mancari described the music as what "I used to play before I even came to Nashville, when people just played for fun." She said to expect "drum machines, heavy harmonies, and someone on a standup bass."

The band hasn't yet made plans to record. "We are excited to perform this live and see where it takes us from there," Mancari said.