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Tesla is having a very bad day

Tesla is no longer the biggest automaker in America. Following the recent plummet in the electric car company's shares, the top position now belongs to General Motors, valued at $52.7 billion to Tesla's $51.6 billion.

On Thursday, Tesla's stock fell another 5 percent, continuing its multi-day tumble. Since hitting an "all-time high" just two weeks ago, Tesla's shares had dropped by a total of 20 percent as of Thursday afternoon. Losses for the week now sit at 14 percent.

The week's drop coincides with Tesla's disappointing second-quarter results, which the company has blamed on "a production issue with its 100 kilowatt-hour battery packs," CNBC reported. Tesla's new Model S also recently failed to meet top safety standards, seemingly debunking Tesla's claim that the car was the safest ever.

High Tech editor Fred Hickey contended Tesla's stock "was pushed to ridiculous levels on the notion that the Model 3 would be a slam-dunk success," and he also noted that the company's "$100,000+ models aren't selling as well and are piling up in inventory." "This bubble stock is losing air rapidly, as it should," Hickey said.