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Putin says Trump was 'satisfied' with his answers on election meddling

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday President Trump seemed satisfied with his account of Moscow's innocence of manipulating the 2016 election during their first face-to-face meeting on Friday. This jibes with the account of the conversation provided by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, but not with statements from U.S. officials.

Trump "asked a lot of questions on this subject," Putin said. "I, in as much as I was able, answered these questions. It seems to me that he took these [answers] on board and agreed with them, but in actual fact, it's best to ask him how he views this."

"I believe it would not be entirely appropriate on my part to disclose details of my discussion with Mr. Trump," he added. "He asked; I answered him. He asked pointed questions; I answered them. It seemed to me that he was satisfied with those answers."

Putin also remarked that Trump is different in person than he appears on television, calling the American president "absolutely precise" and sounding a note of hope for future cooperation. Trump himself has yet to comment on the meeting beyond labeling it "tremendous."