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Spinning it forward

Kellyanne Conway attempts to maneuver out of her claim that no one from the Trump campaign met with Russians

Noted spin doctor Kellyanne Conway faced an inconvenient "gotcha" on Monday morning when Good Morning America confronted her with a clip of her December claim that the Trump campaign had no contact with the Russians. Over the weekend, The New York Times confirmed that Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., agreed in June 2016 to take a meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer after being told he would receive compromising information about Hillary Clinton.

"Who misled you," George Stephanopoulos asked Conway, "and why did Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and [Trump's one-time campaign manager] Paul Manafort allow those public denials to stand for so many months?"

Conway didn't immediately have a clear answer. "Some of the disclosure forms have been amended since that time to reflect other meetings, including this one," she offered. Watch the rest of her maneuvering below. Jeva Lange